Our Services

We will review the existing investment structure of your rental property, oversee & manage your property manager, and pay your rental shortfall if your property is vacant.

Best of all – We can show you how to structure our Service so the Tax Man pays for it – not you!

Step 1

A qualified financial advisor will analyse your current investment property structure and advise you on any changes that will improve your return, reduce your ownership costs, or reduce the risk; including the ongoing cost with and without No Rental Vacancy.

Step 2

Our qualified and experienced team of real estate experts will recommend, then monitor and supervise, your accredited property manager.

Step 3

If your rental property is vacant for longer than expected No Rental Vacancy will pay you the rent.

With “No Rental Vacancy” looking after you, your rental property will be;

  • Worry Free
  • Hassle Free
  • Risk Free

Call now to get your free, no obligation, Property Investment Analysis Report and “No Rental Vacancy” quote.