Do I qualify?

Each application will be individual assessed by our team of specialists so please 'Contact Us Now' to determine if you qualify for this service.

In general, the following conditions apply:

1. No Rental Vacancy must approve your Rental Property

  • Your Rental Property must meet the relevant state government regulations as a rental property – that is it must be sound, in good repair, and suitable for use as a residential dwelling;
  • You must have full building, contents, and Landlord insurance in place that meets our minimum requirements;
  • We will help you run your Rental Property as a profitable business and not a passive investment.

2. No Rental Vacancy must approve the Market Rent

  • We will assess and formally appraise the Market Rent for your Rental Property before you proceed with our service.

3. No Rental Vacancy Must approve or appoint the Property Manager

  • You must use a Property Manager accredited by NO Rental Vacancy.