About Us/Why Us

No Rental Vacancy is a Rental Guarantee, Property Management, & Investment Service designed to take the worry, hassle, and risk out of owning a rental property;

  • We supervise your Property Manager;
  • We help you get the best investment (& tax) outcome;
  • We cover your rental vacancy;
  • The Tax Man can pay for our service*

Most Property Managers won’t cover your Rental Vacancy.

Most Property Managers are not qualified financial and investment advisors so they unable to assist you get the best investment (& tax) outcome.

Most Rental Guarantees are costly and only apply to brand new properties.

No Rental Vacancy applies to all residential rental properties, new and established, Torrens title & Community title & and Strata title.

*We will show you how to structure the cost of our service so that the weekly cost of owning your rental property goes down – that’s right – it is cheaper to own a property with our help than without!