Our Guarantee

No Rental Vacancy will -

  1. Ensure your rental property is structured to give you the best Investment (& Tax) outcome;
    • Finance Structure
    • Depreciation Schedule
    • Ownership
    • Tax Deductions
    • Risk Minimisation
    • Maximise your Return
  2. Appoint a Property Manager accredited by No Rental Vacancy;
    • Superior Tenant Selection Process
    • Minimum Rental Vacancy
    • Personal Service
    • Puts you and your Rental Property first
  3. Cover your Rental Vacancy and;
  • Pay any amount due on the 10th day (or next business day) of the month following the rental shortfall
  • Pay any incentives offered or additional costs incurred to get you a tenant
  • Ensure you receive the appraised Market Rent
    • Plus any market increases over time
    • Less your normal management fees

Ensure you get the annual rent estimated in your Property Investment Analysis.