• No Rental Vacancy Worries
    for 10 years*
  • No Rent Shortfalls
    for 10 years*
  • No Property Management Hassles
    for 10 years*
  • Ongoing investment (& tax) support
    for 10 years*
  • for 10 years*
    Peace of Mind as a Property Investor
  • The tax man paying for this
    Not You!
  • The Answer is
    “No Rental Vacancy!”
How Does It Work?
Do I qualify?
What Does It Cover?
What Do I Need To Do?

(* 2, 5, & 10 Year options are available)

(** Properly structured the cost per week of owning a rental property with No Rental Vacancy is less per week than without No Rental Vacancy)

3 Mistakes Most Landlords don’t know they’re Making!

Not Having the Correct Insurances;

  • Is your rent paid when your property is vacant?
  • Does your insurance cover you if your property manager is not doing their job properly?
  • Will your insurance cover you if your tenant does something wrong?

Not Supervising your Property Manager;

  • Will your property be vacant for too long?
  • Are you getting the best rent?
  • Have your tenants being properly assessed?
  • Is your rental property being looked after and maintained properly?

Not Getting the Best Investment (& Tax) Outcome;

  • Do you treat your property as a business?
  • Does the tax man pay for your rental vacancy?
  • Have you got the best investment structure possible?
  • Is your family home protected if something goes wrong?
  • Are you getting all the deductions you are entitled to?

The Answer is “No Rental Vacancy!”